Miss Siouxland

Greetings and welcome from the Miss Siouxland Scholarship Foundation.  We invite you to experience the Miss America sysstem in our local program and realize the rewards of the world’s largest scholarship program for young women.  Whether you want to become a doctor, dancer, accountant, architect, etc, we offer an opportunity that will help bring you closer to achieving your goals.

The Miss America Organization is the nation’s leading achievement program and the world’s largest provider of scholarship assistance for women.  It is a celebrated 90-year-old brand that includes a local, state and national program.  Miss Siouxland is a local preliminary for the Miss South Dakota and Miss America Organization.

The Miss Siouxland Scholarship Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit in the state of South Dakota) awards scholarships to individuals on the basis of merit, civic, and social achievement.  The mission of our program is to promote scholastic achievement, creative accomplishment, healthy living and community involvement.  Through the efforts of thousands of volunteers across the country, the organization offers to accomplished young women the opportunity to win college scholarship funds.

This local pageant is a preliminary event that will qualify the titleholder to participate in the Miss South Dakota Scholarship Pageant held in Hot Springs, SD in June, 2017.  The young lady chosen in Hot Springs moves on to compete in the Miss America Pageant the following September.

We would LOVE to have you involved in our pageant.  Young ladies with any level of experience are welcome. We teach what they need to know so every young lady has the tools to be successful and most importantly, enjoy themselves during this experience.  We have girls range from veterans to first-timers, so come and join the fun!  Click Here to Enter.


Miss Siouxland is open to any female South Dakota resident within the age requirement and will be awarded to the contestant with the highest score.  The title of Miss Siouxland will be given.  If there are at least 15 contestants in the Miss category the title of Miss Rolling Plains  will be given additionally.  If 5 contestants are within the Sioux Falls Metro Area  (25 mile radius of Sioux Falls) the eligible contestants will be vying for the Miss Sioux Falls title.

Ages 17-24

Note: If you are 17 and entering your junior year of High School in the fall of 2016, you will only be eligible for the OUTSTANDING TEEN competition.

Rules and Regulations: 

  • –  Be a United States citizen.
  • –  Meet residency requirements for competing.
  • –  Meet rules and character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization.
  • –  Be in reasonably good health to meet the job requirements.
  • –  Be able to meet the time commitment and responsibilities as set forth by the local program in which you compete.
    Must not be eligible to compete in the Outstanding Teen Competition.
  • – Women ages 17 to 24 who are at least a senior in high school can participate.  You must also be a resident of SD or a student attending school in SD or employed in SD for six months to qualify for participation.
  • –  Contestants must do their own hair and make-up.  Parents, make-up artists, hair stylists, etc. will not be allowed backstage or in the interview waiting rooms.  Hostesses will be available to assist the contestants with their clothing, etc. backstage and in the interview waiting rooms
  • – Parents will not be allowed to sit in on rehearsals.

As a titleholder please keep in mind that you will represent this local area at the Miss South Dakota pageant and you will be a spokeswomen for your platform, attend various functions, and be a positive voice for the entire state of South Dakota as well as the Miss America Organization.  There will be a minimum of five contestants required per title.

Schedule for rehearsals and interview will be set once we know how many contestants we are planning for.  If you win our local title you will be REQUIRED to participate in the following:

       Pageant Bootcamp, March 2017

        Pre-Pageant Workshop, May 2017

           Miss South Dakota Pageant, June 2017

         Miss Siouxland Pageant, July 2017




The Miss America competition judging system is designed to promote diversity, individuality and overall achievement among all contestants.  Judges score the individual contestants immediately following each phase of competition.  Contestants are scored on a 1-10 point scale, in whole numbers, within each category (more than one contestant may receive the same score.)  All 5  judges have been educated about the Miss America judging system and represent a variety of professional sectors within their communities.




Presentation in Interview (25%)

1.  Interviews at the local level will be a total of 8 minutes.  This will be with a panel of  five judges.  There will be no opening just closing comments lasting: 30 seconds.  Have something prepared before going into the interview.

2.  Questions will come from a variety of areas, including but not limited to the contestant’s application and fact sheet, moral/ethical issues, current events, etc.  Contestants should be prepared to answer any type of question asked.  The more information you submit on your application, the more your judges will have to generate questions from, so be as thorough as possible.

3.  Contestant’s wardrobe should be age appropriate.  We are requesting that the contestant wear a dress, skirt and top, or pants and top, or anything that is young, fresh, and hip.

4.  Your personal taste should dictate all your clothing choices, but avoid extreme styles.  Typically contestants choose suits with above-the-knee skirts, but you may choose a longer skirt or pants suit.  Busy patterns, styles, or excessive jewelry and scarves may distract the judges attention from what you are saying, so keep them minimal.

5.  Areas of criteria are qualities and attributes of a Miss America, first impression, personality, intelligence, opinions, articulation, confidence, style, and charisma. Questions may come from your fact sheet, current events, and issues relevant to women, career goals, and your platform.

6.  Ways to prepare for interview:  Read the newspaper or a news magazine regularly. Compile statistics relating to your platform.  Become an expert in your specific area of concern with your platform.  Learn facts, trends, differing methods, etc. that exist in our state or nation and know which methods persuade you most. Ask yourself every possible question you can think of and formulate responses in you head.  Know your opinion on every controversial subject in the news or related to your platform.  Practice with someone acting as a judge.  Get constructive criticism and use it to your benefit.  Watch yourself speak in front of a mirror or on video.  Remember judges don’t want to hear a wishy-washy response.  Know your opinions and why you believe the way you do.


Life style and Fitness in Swimsuit (15%)

1.  Swimsuits can be 1 or 2 pieces but keep it in good taste.  No thongs or lingerie looking swimsuits.  Remember to wear a suit that shows off your physical fitness and makes you feel confident.  Feel free to wear a solid color or a pattern.  There is no required style, they range from a one piece, tankini or bikini.  Again, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your choice.

2.  Wear heeled shoes/sandals in beige, nude, gold, clear or other tones that won’t distract.  Make sure you can walk easily and confidently in them. Neutral colors for your shoes will make your legs look longer.  Official Miss America shoes can be found at www.alishahill.com.

3.  For ideas on which suits look best based on body type look at  www.Venus.com.

4.  Judging criteria will be first impression, physical fitness and health, physique, walk, posture, grace, presence, and CONFIDENCE.  Swimsuit competition lasts only 20 seconds.


Artistic Expression in Talent (35%)

1.  Contestant’s talent must not be longer than  90 seconds.  Only CD accompaniment is acceptable.  Make sure the contestant’s name and title are on both the CD and the CD case.  Please make sure only one track on CD. If your talent doesn’t require any background music, you don’t need a CD.  For 90 second tracks you can look at www.musicalcreations.com.

2.  “Live” accompaniment is not permitted.  Only the contestant is permitted on-stage.  No other person may be a part of her presentation though background vocals will be allowed as long as they don’t overpower the contestant.

3.  Talent must be performed live; pantomime and lip-sync are not permitted.

4.  Tap dancers may not have accompaniment CDs with pre-recorded taps or tap sounds.

5.  The sound engineer will not stop and re-start an accompaniment CD as a part of the Contestant’s performance.  If Contestant needs a ten second delay in her performance, then the CD should include a ten second silent spot.

6.  No other tracks may be included on the accompaniment CD.

7.  Fire (fire ropes, fire batons, etc.), pyrotechnics, swords, knives or machetes, bow and arrow acts, and the use of live animals are strictly prohibited.

8.  If you need special props other than microphones, please let your local ED know.  Your attire should complement the performance you are delivering.  Judges are looking for your personality, interpretive ability, skill level, stage presence, and entertainment value.


Presence and Poise in Evening Wear (20%)

1.  Contestant should wear age appropriate attire that makes her feel beautiful and special.

2.  Your choice should be a gown that shows YOU off, not the GOWN.  Cost is not the factor here.

3.  Scoring areas are qualities and attribute of a Miss America, first impression, sense of confidence, stage presence, posture, sense of style, and attractiveness.


On-Stage Question (5%)

1.  Questions are taken from your application.  Judges are looking for how you handle the pressure of speaking on stage in front of an audience.  They want to hear your answers to the questions in the context in which they were asked.


Overall Composite ~   TOP-FIVE FINAL Ballot

1.  The top 5 contestants’ names will be handed back to the judges for them to rank 1 through 5.  Their goal is to select the most well rounded contestant to be the new titleholder.  The judges will be asking themselves “can she do the job”, “does she want the job” and “will she be manageable when she has the job.”

2.  The Judges will be given the name of the top five finalists and rank them from 1st to 5th.  A first place vote will receive 10 points, 2nd -5, 3rd – 3, 4th -2, and 5th – 1.  The total of this scoring will result in the overall winner.


Opening Number and Additional Requirements

1.  You will need to provide blue denim shorts and heels.  A style that is both flattering and allows movement.  Choose something that you feel you look and feel good in. The outfit itself will not be judged, however you need to feel comfortable and make sure you are able to move for the opening number, introductions and onstage questions portion.

2.  In addition to the opening number wardrobe please bring along things such as a robe, steamer, curling iron, hot rollers, make-up mirror, or whatever else you think you’ll need.  (Hairspray, Bobby Pins, etc)

3.  Scholarship Basket – Each contestant is required to bring a basket for the silent auction.  This acts as a fundraiser for the scholarship fund. Each contestant is asked to compile a basket of donated items from her community, or to put one together with a specific theme. For example, if you have love to read, you may decide to put together a basket full of children’s books to be auctioned off. Or, you may decide to go to local businesses and ask them to donate an item for your basket.  More information will be forthcoming after your entry is received.

4.  Referral Form-  All Contestants are asked to fill out the referral form. It is used as a marketing tool to possible contestants in both the Princess (3-12) Teen(12-17) and Miss (17-24) Divisions.  You may include names and information on for any age division.  The Miss America Organization and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization are both non-profit scholarship programs, please do this as a service to your female peers as a way to get the word out on the scholarship dollars available.

5. Signed contract/permission form (To be sent out after receiving your entry form)

6. $100 Donation for Children’s Miracle Network (Details on the Children’s Miracle Network Page)


2015 Miss Siouxland Schedule

July 15, 2016

1pm – Check-in

Rehearsals and Children’s Miracle Network Project

10pm – Release for the night

July 16, 2016

8am – Rehearsals and Private Interviews

5pm –  Silent Auction Begins

6pm – Miss Siouxland and Miss Siouxland’s Outstanding Teen Pageant


Becoming Miss Contestant is quick and easy! 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the program, please complete and submit the Application Forms Included and $100.00 Registration Fee for Children’s Miracle Network to the Miss Siouxland Headquarters no later than July 1, 2016Click Here to Enter.

Registration Guide:  Have these items and information ready as you can only register once and it doesnt SAVE your information. 

Note: Process should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

-A headshot or portrait of yourself. It doesnt have to be “professional”. It is not judged and is just used to help judges identify you.

-A credit or debit card to pay entry fee via missamerica4kids.org

-A chosen platform (the community service issue, idea, concept or organization you would like to promote as the winner)

-Scholastic/Career Ambition


-Employment Experience (If applicable)

-Fun facts about yourself that you would like the judges to know.

-Leadership Roles (If applicable)

-List of school and volunteer activities (If applicable)

-List of accomplishments and awards and honors you have received (If applicable)

-How you would promote the pageant and/or your platform as the winner.

-What you hope to accomplish as the titleholder (legacy)

-Why you would like to win.

–Platform Statement (Reason for choosing platform and some background information to help educate the judges)


Upon receiving your completed application form, you will receive correspondence from the Miss Siouxland Organization containing additional information detailing the dates, times, wardrobe, and events that have been scheduled for the Misses during the days of the pageant July 15-16th in Sioux Falls, SD.